you aren't my mother began with ben kupstas & nicole bogatitus, who live in fort greene, brooklyn, where they yell & dance & love & fight & make other noises. crouton is the name of a cat who lives there also. ben is or has been in a number of bands, including this sheep those sheep (bah bah bah). nicole was in a fake band called the cyberian dezzart outfit. they were joined in early 2006 by andré paul & chris wilson, expanding the sound away from the early dream-pop tunes into more experimental, out-folk territories, mixing post-classical composition and improvisation.
the band:*
ben kupstas ...  guitars, keyboards, harmonium, glock, voice
andré paul ...  guitars, synths, loops, glockenspiel, voice
nicole bogatitus ...  percussion, melodica, saw, synths, voice
previously +/or sometimes:*
kevin greene ... drums
gavin kroeber ...  projections
chris wilson ...  guitars, lap steel, keyboards, voice
malav kanuga ...  drums, guitar

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