idatel (dirty canal rock low-tone from ithaca, ny)
tigers jaw (the real deal! pop songs aimed straight at your heart)
the soundscapes (post-fidelity pop and drenched, um ... soundscapes!)
adam kriney (everything from spastic free-jazz to spastic psych-freakout)
kid icarus (lo-fi bedroom/basement confections from northeastern PA)
saturday looks good to me (indie-pop from michigan)
the organ (canadian ladies who deserve the joy division comparisons)
music for girls (angular surf-rock fronted by a charismatic GIRL)
we are the arm (spazzy art-rock from ithaca, ny ... are we not men?)
griffin baron (chicago gear-head go-to)
this sheep those sheep (ben's chamber-post-everything project)
yer sweet chimneys (ben's drone-pop freak-folk solo guise)

oiseau & chevaux (nicole's blog)
guild the lily (nyc art collective)
idiot machine (antics and art)
no radio records (our good pal bob's sweet record shop in ithaca, ny)
brooklyn industries (awesome clothes & bags, including t-shirts by ben)
a city on the run (trans-global photography)
fort greene (our 'hood)
myspace (yeah, we blog!)

contact ben and/or nicole and/or andré