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06.01.07 — We are, as always, in flux...After a long hiatus, we will be playing a show with are good friends (and truly one of our favorite bands ever) Tigers Jaw and some buds of theirs from PA called Louch!!! We're hoping to maybe recruit some new players, particularly strings and percussion. If you know someone (or if you ARE someone, get in touch!).

Nicole and I recently returned from a European jaunt to Amsterdam and Paris. In the former, we met this fine fellow standing atop a car along one of the canals:

What else? André and I saw our pals The Soundscapes perform the other night, and they were great as usual (they've been busy writing new songs!). It's impressive to see Rodrigo work up such a sweet sweat.

Also, another great friend, Paul Mpagi Sepuya currently has a show at Envoy Gallery on the Lower East Side. It's called
Beloved Object and Amorous Subject (Revisited). I was at the opening last night, and it was beautiful to see so many of Paul's shots together in one room. Paul is like a lepidopterist, but instead of butterflies or moths, he lovingly captures and collects and preserves the beauty of his friends. There will also be a fancy book published with shots from this project (including one of me!) in July or August. You should all buy a copy for your respective coffee tables! [posted by ben]

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04.05.07 — Our good friend (and an amazing artist) Mika Yokobori is having a group show open tomorrow (Friday, April 6) at the Tastes Like Chicken gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn ... unfortunately I can't make the opening because I'll be seeing Low at Webster Hall, but this exhibition is definitely worth checking out. [posted by ben]

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03.28.07 — It's been quite a while, eh? We're still on what one might call "an indefinite hiatus" ... We're not sure what that means, but we'll let you know when we get a better sense of things. In the meantime, check this out: YAMM MAP

... not sure how it works, but it's kind of funny ... Oasis! (I did like Grant Lee Buffalo back in the day). [posted by ben]

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12.02.06 — W.N.I.T.W.O.Y.A.M.M. [what's new in the world of you aren't my mother]????
• Look at some PHOTOS of our last show at the Trash Bar!

• We're playing a show on Dec. 9th in PA with our friends Kid Icarus and Tigers Jaw. We'll have new t-shirts made (cross your fingers).
• We are playing 2 shows in NYC in January. One at Last Resort Art Space on Jan. 20th and one at Goodbye Blue Monday on Jan. 27th.
• Show in Feb. at No Radio Records in Ithaca!!
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09.24.06 — Lots of things developing along with the lovely fall weather. We have some shows in Ithaca, NY and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA lined up, so if you live near one of the those places come say "hello" (and perhaps stick around to hear some music)! We don't get out much, considering NYC likes to hold us hostage with it's $6 re-entry fee through the tunnels and bridges. I'm shaking my fist at the Port Authority as I write this. You Aren't My Mother likes to travel! ....... We've also just posted a new mp3 entitled "sugar britches" which we recorded live at rehearsal (one mic). It's Ben on guitar and glock and fuzzed-out vox and coughs, me on melodica and unplugged electric gtr and muddied vox, and André on cat-brush gtr and loops and kitchen faucet. We're hoping to record something very soon, along with making t-shirts (I think we said that last time, but we really mean it this time!) [posted by nikki]

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